Thinking Differently

Apr 15

Memories of Steve -

Don Melton’s personal memories of working with Steve Jobs.

And then clicked to reveal his special slide — poster art I’m sure everyone has seen before — a 1940’s-style rendering of a grinning man holding a big mug of coffee next to his face with this text alongside like a world balloon:

“How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up.”

And then the best part — the part we didn’t know was coming — Steve paused, turned to his V.P. of Marketing and deadpanned, “What do you think, Phil? Too much?”

“This is Steve Jobs. You think I’m an arrogant [expletive] who thinks he’s above the law, and I think you’re a slime bucket who gets most of his facts wrong.” — Steve Jobs (Man, I really miss Steve…)


Mar 15

Why Cosmos Can’t Save Public Support for Science -

Unfortunate, but true.

Sagan’s Cosmos first aired on PBS in 1980, a moment when Cold War tensions were heating back up. This is critical, because so much of postwar funding for American scientific research depended on an implicit bargain with the military-industrial complex.

The Ecosystem Chess Game -

Apple offers a more appealing hardware platform (far fewer devices, all of them with high end performance); a richer, deeper software platform; and a more engaged, higher-spending customer base. It’s all of these factors in conjunction that make iOS the mobile platform with the strongest developer support.

Feb 15

The Brittle Grip, Part 2 -

Josh Marshall on an editorial piece at TPM:

The extremely wealthy are objectively far wealthier, far more politically powerful and find a far more indulgent political class than at any time in almost a century - at least. And yet at the same time they palpably feel more isolated, abused and powerless than at any time over the same period and sense some genuine peril to the whole mix of privileges, power and wealth they hold.

The best way to explore Berkeley is by foot.

And the best way to travel by foot is with your running shoes on.

The best way to explore Berkeley is by foot.

And the best way to travel by foot is with your running shoes on.

Feb 13

The Godfather Wars -

Pretty fascinating insight into the making of The Godfather.

Finally, Colombo grabbed the script and slammed it on the table. “Wait a minute! Do we trust this guy?” he asked his men. Yes, they replied.

“So what the fuck do we have to read this script for?” said Colombo. He told Ruddy, “Let’s make a deal.”

Two things that stuck out and surprised me while reading the piece:

Feb 02

2001: A Space Odyssey | Typeset In The Future -

A superb and extremely detailed look at the typography in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

(Err…that high pitched squeal of excitement is definitely not coming from me…I mean, it’s not like I get unreasonably excited or anything for 2001…)

I never realized that the ‘0’s in ‘2001’ used in the titles are actually ‘O’s from Gill Sans because the ‘0’s are not circular. And I’ve always absolutely loved the beautiful Futura and the neat typography used in HAL’s Logic Memory Center.

Jan 21

“Some people will doubtless feel that a movie about particle physics is self-indulgent and unnecessary. The polite term for such people is ‘poopyheads.’” — Sean Carroll talking about the new documentary Particle Fever

Jan 13

Google to Acquire Nest -

Well, that sucks.